Is it just me or is AHK a bit braindead?

1. Why invent a worse version of other scripting languages instead of just writing a library..

2. Despite it's high lvl complex syntax it can't even manage multiline things without having 'or' 'and' '||' ',' '.' in front of every line?

Look what I had to do..

options := { image : "../../Resources/OpacitySlider.png"
, from : [ 0 , 0 ]
, to : [ a_screenWidth , a_screenHeight ] }
( commas were aligned with the curly bracket )

3. #Include isn't relative to the current file but relative to the main script?!

What the actual fuck.

Worked around it with:
#Include %A_LineFile%\..\Gdip.ahk
but wtf

( Including library files from other library files )

4. probably more, I just got the thing I was working on to work so I'd rather never touch it again if I can..

5. Profit?

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    You mean the software that's 19 years old? Why didn't they use a different scripting language? Probably because 19 years ago there weren't many good options...

    There's a good chance it's older than some ranters.
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    Yes, AHK is an absolutely clusterfucky explosive diarrhoea of a language, but it's still an absolute beast at what it's supposed to do. I wrote a small skilling bot for runescape with it and it felt like being on drugs all the time. I think most of the fuckiness is due to the language growing incrementally, and eg. multiline stuff was hacked into it later and the parser just wasn't written with that in mind. Overall 10/10, would shit my pants again.
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    i remember when i was working with php and i was DREAMING about include being relative to the project root...
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    AHK Language is bullshit. But AFAIK It is the best thing for the job available, so it is what it is...
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    @DubbaThony On the one hand I would want to attempt to make something better just to see if I can, on the other hand I have 0 motiviation considering it's windows which I only use in VMs so ..
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    Well, you can allways try to make it cross platform. JK

    I use both linux and windows and thats heavy love hate relationship (95% hate) with both, for different reasons lol
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