How the fuck you people do load testing ?

Don't tell me JMeter, it's useless as it doesn't represent an actual browser session...

I'm not taliong "test APIs" but the whole user experiance....

Can't find a single tool which does it at 1000+ sessions....

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    Beta servers with "sneak peeks" for "selected" victims...customers.
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    @Demolishun Yep, but would love to test it before.
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    Spin up a DDoS bot network and pump the api hard.

    Otherwise, I use that J word you don't like 😂
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    I haven't done it in a while as it's not my job. But I always used JMeter, but maybe what you're looking for is using Selenium with something like Python. I never tried doing this, but you should be able to run several Selenium chrome or firefox windows (or random I guess?) and even measure the time it takes for full load on each page and then let it click around using a selenium script or programming some basic use flow.

    Again, I never tried doing that, but theoretically I don't see a reason why it wouldn't work
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    @Hazarth I have the feeling when rubbing many selenium driven browsers at you don't measure how your software perform with many requests but how your computer performs with many selenium driven browser instances. In other words i think it needs to much resources for a meaningful load test.
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    @horus hmm, good point.

    Selenium can be ran headless but that's not going to save up that much either... I suppose you'd need multiple machines to do this then...

    really I'd just stick with JMeter and load test the API only, the front can be treated as single client anyway since it would be many different users always just using it once on their machine, so if the front end can perform well on the OPs local browser, that's how we can estimate it will perform on everyones browsers anyway...

    You could test the worst case scenario on a dedicated weak machine like the Raspberry PI or an old laptop lying around lol
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    Maybe locust? It was able to handle csrf token and session cookies while testing against several sites of my company website
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