I’m struggling in studying and that’s seriously holding me back, regardless of the type of technical book I’m reading I’m always in a fight with my brain. Even if I enjoy the topic and then I’ll enjoy using what I read while I study I struggle to learn more than 1-2 chapters (sometimes even less) at time then my head starts to hurt, my focus drifts away and if I force myself to go ahead my brain just refuses to store the new informations, it feels like filling a full tank.

At this point I should have learned C++ and Swift and started to contribute to projects which aren’t overdone web apps but all I have are two half read books which silently “judges” me anytime I open my eBook library and I dread returning to having associated them to headache and frustration and the only things I read this year are design patterns (which haven’t found a single real life use since then) and F# (which I never used with the exception of some little demos and is now slowly fading away in my memory).

Have you got any study advice to help me dealing with this frustrating situation?

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    Yeah stop doing that. Look at YouTube videos and start replicating stuff other people have done. A lot of people walk you through their code they're programming. So you can start looking at one subject from many view points. And then it becomes easier going through technical books. You basically skim through them.
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    Put your books in your desk drawer and try to change the way you study. There are a lot of free courses and videos, and perhaps in one of them, you will find a person who presents information in a way that does not give you a headache. Just my opinio
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