"If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves upon execution." - Robert Sewell

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    Absolute savagery
    I love it.
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    This is great :D
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    Genuine question: why is Java still the most used language, even though most people say it's crap?
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    That would fit well on the school project I have to turn in Monday
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    @n3onis The more people use something, the more people will complain about it.
    I like Java, but it's not very entertaining to write "Java is okay" everywhere on the internet.
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    @n3onis marketing, overhyping the language (see Java 8), the fact that Java is often taught at colleges, minecraft and companies copying one another in used technology
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    @deadlyRants and also the fact that haters are more likely to voice their feelings than lovers, lovers are busy with other things ;)
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    @n3onis because the JVM
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    Look, more Java bashing... How original
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    Subrant {

    Whoever thinks Java is a crazy robust half written language, surely hasn't written a lot of code in their lifetime. They can also go an bash their Android phone.

    There, I said it.

    The first time I tried to switch a String I knew Java was in trouble and that it could've been done a lot better, but it never occurred to me to put down a language that runs on so many platforms and earns so many paychecks to programmers across the world.

    Clearly this was an early marketing campaign against Java. Given a few mistakes which the design clearly brought and which later they couldn't figure out how to fix without recharging the structure of the language.

    Say it next time you use this app, because it runs on Java.

    Say it...

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    @Codebeard Java's code style is garbage, here you go... and say whatever you want about its "modularity". A module isn't every stupid five-line file especially an empty one.

    Java taught at unis is a higher level of idiocy as literally zero people know how to manage memory properly and play with pointers near me (uni) because Java was "the" language used for programming as soon as they learned how to make a (bidirectional) linked list.

    This wonderful Java education is an utter bullshit and tells you so much about how machines work that the students who end the uni with this awesome Java knowledge of programming should be considered scriptkiddies rather than programmers.

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    @Codebeard ...

    Although I hate the style and pretty much even the lang itself (although it's not that hard to switch between langs), I admit that Java is useful *later*, after a newbie learns how the real world works and not what Oracle wants you to believe. (Compile once, run everywhere my ass. :D ) After all, Java *can* give you modularity and the code can even look hm... bearable, but some people just tend to write crap.
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    @KeyWeeUsr I like your opinion, it is a very sane one

    *magnusi sign of approval*
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    @KeyWeeUsr Didn't learn it in school so I don't know what they teach you there, but I can imagine. I learned it after C and a number of years of programming on a job.

    To tell the truth, I didn't even open a book on it, it was all documentation and programming for me.
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    @KeyWeeUsr Oracle didn't invent Java, Sun did, Oracle tried to ruin it.

    I wasn't talking about students who'd been using it for a week and ranted about it, because they saw it somewhere online or because it was a trend. I was talking about real professional programmers who earned a living doing it for years.

    I can rant on Java till the morning comes, but it still payes the bills and payes for my server room.
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    @Codebeard true that :)

    A lang is for a real programmer only a tool and s/he has a bunch of them. The "thinking" of a programmer is what matters imo.

    With Java first, logic later the "thinking" suffers though.
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    @KeyWeeUsr Same as with ASP. I really don't understand why people use it, but for people who create with it, it pays the bills.

    If its not enough, create your own company or do something else in your own time. Do open source.

    I would love to program in Rust or Lisp, but people don't hire for that.

    I was payed more for Java than C++, because it was more "mobile platform friendly" at the time.

    Learn Java once, always eat. Learn JS once, always use frameworks on top of frameworks while eating.
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    @Codebeard meanwhile here I am learning Rust ;n; but I love it. I want to be ready for when the industry shifts that way.
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    I would finally have a reason to launch Minecraft.
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    @KeyWeeUsr "Java taught at unis is a higher level of idiocy as literally zero people know how to manage memory properly and play with pointers near me"

    At our Uni we are taught Java for learning programming. And then there's a course with Assembly, one with C, one with PHP etc., so if anyone finishing here doesn't know how to program and handle memory it's not Java's fault.

    Imho Java is one of the best languages to learn programming because it has many important concepts without being too confusing for beginners or too easy(like Python etc.). Of course, Java doesn't teach memory and stuff, but nobody who takes programming seriously stays with just a single language.
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    ...Execute themselves upon executing them?
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    @deadlyRants Don't get me wrong, that wasn't a bash directly at the lang/tool itself, but at the env of it. Bash on what happened when *some* corps took it as "the" lang for business. Some schools want to provide a quick way to get a work. That's wrong as it's literally just an unnatural way of generating ehm, programmers. Imagine it like growing potatoes on an infinite space.

    "if anyone finishing here doesn't know how to program and handle memory it's not Java's fault." indirectly, it is. See the above about growing people for industry. Unless people themselves are interested in learning more, they won't go and learn e.g. C/C++ just because it'd be useful.

    While you *can* get an efficient programmer out of a Java scriptkiddo, it costs a lot because such people weren't taught the basics and they don't *care* about the basics.

    "Java doesn't teach memory" yep, but it teaches how to use libraries that depend on such a knowledge. This is how you get a Java application with memory leaks.
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    BTW, where I come from, script-kiddies don't know Java and coincidentally don't know how to program.
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    @honeyBadgerJeff Rust is love, Rust is 'lifetimes
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    @Codebeard "Mars capsule 3" well... +1 :D
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    @KeyWeeUsr Thanks man, see you read profile.
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    Java is the world ! It runs on it ... suck it up ;)
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    @Vikram look, a troll :D
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    @Voxera that wisdom blew me away legit
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    Guess it is the same as of PowerPoint. Most people just use it like crap?
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    Java is ❤
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