"Linux is only free if your time has no value." - Jamie Zawinski

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    Statements don't make sense, installing the OS is a pretty easy process. Developing on it is your job..
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    At that moment, Jamie was like "STFU about Linux being the best free thing ever"
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    Installing Windows:
    1. Okay, get it set up...
    2. Somehow get missing drivers installed (near impossible if the network drivers are completely gone - not as much of an issue with Windows 10)
    3. Find and install needed components (Java, Flash, browsers besides Edge, development tools, etc)
    Time: about 8 hours if you're also restoring data

    Installing Linux:
    1. Okay, get it set up
    2. 95% of the time drivers work OOTB
    3. 'sudo $package-manager-install components'
    (Better yet have a 'reinstall.sh' script that installs those components for less typing)
    Time: <1 hour thanks to separate /home partition
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    @Skayo your bot has gone rough. He has no manners.
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    Installing Linux is easy as 1 2 3
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    Everything as planned! 😈
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    @Skayo well i checked source code and there is nothing a.i. involved. At Least it won't take our jobs.
    I want to contribute to this bot, some machine learning stuff. I will do a PR in weekend.
    I will use python.
    Fine with you?
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    Damn... I used the wrong account... xD
    But yeah!
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    Wich python version are you going to use?
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    @Skayo last time i developed with tensorflow( machine learning lib from Google) i used python 2.7.
    But i might see python 3.
    Do you have any preference?
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    No I just need to know it for hosting.
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    Install windows , opens ninite.select software to install... Barely any time. @RiderExMachina

    To get either up and running is a breeze.
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    I reinstall Windows on a weekly basis for my job. Ninite is a valuable tool, but does not have everything that *I* need OOTB (Clover File Explorer for example). And it takes me about 5-6 hours to install Windows, update to the latest updates (for the clients - and this includes using offline updaters, btw), use Ninite and configure everything.

    I can do the same thing in less than a quarter of the time with Linux.
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    Could be true 10 years ago not anymore !
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    Guess I don't have any specific needs.
    I don't install it as often as you do. So maybe things have changed (given I use ssd's and a fairly high speed connection.

    How do you reconcile the time it takes to get that one damn app that only exists in Windows to run in wine.

    I guess it's just different use cases🤔
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    To be fair, I reinstall on more on client machines than my own....

    But I also dual boot. If I can't get a program to run in WINE, I just don't use it. It's not worth my time when I either don't need the program or I know of a program that's so similar and DOES work... Or I boot into Windows for a bit.

    Another thing, to be fair, is that when Linux drivers DON'T work, life is hell. That's when I try another distro and hope it has better drivers...
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    Zuckerberg runs a Linux server and is worth more than a billion. How much do you earn?
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    @shaji maybe you should stop being so materialistic ^^
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    That is why LINUX is invaluable😂
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    Consider reading the EULA before quoting jwz
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    Linux requires more up-front investment.

    Installation has become easy, but many distros require you to become familiar with some command line tools. The more time you put into it, the less time it will eat up later, so the investment is worth it.

    Finding out how to run a cron job for the first time might take an hour, but now you can automate some tasks. Putting all your configurations in a git repo might take half a day, but from that moment on you can replicate all your settings to any machine with a single command.

    On the other hand, in Windows there are many little operations and interruptions which are constant time eaters. Creating backups might require manual intervention, popups from a virus scanner distract you, running updates during a reboot takes ages, sluggishness might force fresh installs.

    Plus, recent attacks make it clear that Free software can be cheaper as well in terms of ransom payoffs. Linux is not invulnerable, but often more secure through community power.
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    Of course, what makes linux so expensive is that I feel the need to invest time into convincing others about its awesomeness.
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    @bittersweet I honestly don't give a fuck anymore and let people go crazy with my shortcuts skills on a i3 wm 😂
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    I don't think this bot earns a lot.
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    Free as in Freedom
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    @krazycavin Nah, free as in radical, like ions in solution.
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    Windows updates fucks time... and is not free.
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    Talking about reinstallation here, and Macs are near impossible to reinstall if you don't already have a disk. I needed to reinstall Sierra on my MBA after installing Linux on it and couldn't find any install disks.

    At least with Windows I can find an ISO from literally anywhere, even Microsoft's site.

    But back on topic to reinstall macOS ->
    1. Find the installation disk (good luck, near impossible without another Mac)
    2. Boot into the drive and install
    3. Restore from Time Machine and it's basically the same
    Time: about an hour

    Not gonna lie, reinstalling Macs are nice if you already have the disks.... but still....
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    Let's no be fanboys, the statement is 100% true. Linux is a wonderful operating system and if programming on it is part of your job, I think that you will enjoy it. But I think the sentence is talking about people that advise to install Linux in your grandma PC saying that Windows is shit and Linux is the only answer, like a fucking religion. Please, stop it.

    Linux is good, but Linux requires time. A lot of time. Like your whole life
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