It's a career suicide wanting to transitioning to desktop developement? I'm tired of fighting with tons of external dependencies (VPN, database, other microservices) just to test a microservice or a piece of front-end, I just want to focus on code.

My job description is software developer but I'm spending more time playing the sysadmin to keep my local developement environment working than what I spend actually coding.

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    Configuration hell, always fun..
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    Or the complexity of "modern" development.
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    You could also switch to mobile frontend dev. Native mobile is mostly coding. And it’s probably more important than desktop.
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    @Lensflare I considered that road but I’m afraid which React Native is taking over that world and I’ll end up continuously switching between 3 IDEs to maintain Frankenstein app projects
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    @DEVil666 no, don‘t use react native. Use native tech like Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.
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