I finally got a job at a tech company (although it's not a tech job) with a very good work/life balance.

Therefore, I plan on getting more serious about properly learning how to program in my spare time, also because, being a tech company, programmers are all over the place and are generally willing to talk about code.

I must say that while job hunting, devRant has been very useful to me since it allowed me to understand what kind of environment I'd like to work in. So far, the first few weeks of work have been great.

Ah, and the view from the office is unbeatable.

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    Dude that's creepy!
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    Agree. Should have cropped the pic
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    A rendered perspective with blue sky: http://imgur.com/a/ZE4Rx (sorry I don't have a upload button).

    If you worry about your privacy, you should delete this rant.
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    Well dude congrats on find a good job, I hope everything goes not according to plan and that you reach higher goals that what you expected
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    Congratulations on new job and stick on to that coding hunger.
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    What city is that?
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    I would strongly advise learning some marketing and project management and other business skills, not just programming. It pays off big time when you know what activities in a company actually drive revenue and how much $$$ your work generates or saves the company.
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