Biggest dev career dream? 🤔

World domination. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hey you asked for dreams and never said anything about them being realistic! 🤪

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    All hail surpreme Overlord @Nom..... @Archive
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    What are your plans for humanity after you achieved world domination?
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    @jackpearce you don't even want to know...
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    @electrineer Now I need to know it.

    I want that Information *^*
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    @jackpearce switching to electricity instead of oil, wherever possible, even if costly. Then banishing the current state of geo-location based govts and give people the choice to be citizens of every country they fuckin like. (We'll be in 22nd century soon. Can manage this shit via zoom or something) Then giving people the access to vote on some matters themselves (online voting, you either leave it with your representative, or DIY and vote yourself) Then making giant under-and-over sea cities, and start the climate migration from there. (because you can't tell people they have to live in a land where climate is killing them) Make mini-local-govts (think Vatican) for religious activities, so the religious can literally have a land and fuckin rule it too. (let's see how that's gonna turn out! They still have to report to me tho)
    Then create a 6 hour workday and let people choose shifts based on their productivity preference.

    The rest, I can't recall from the top of my head.
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    @Archive not kinky enough. I'm disappointed.
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    @electrineer I'm sorry. I'm not as interesting as I sometimes seem to come across. Sad. ☹️
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    @Archive after @electrineers comment I thought there would be coming something kinky or crazy

    But your Points seems all fine

    @Archive for WorldPresident!!!!
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    Have you worked out a budget for that ?

    I'm reminded of a place where folk kept voting to change the colour of the flood defence wall.

    This made the entire project get delayed, and a flood happened before it was finished..

    If people can move where they want, how do you stop all the best places being over crowded ?

    Lottery ?
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    I’m still short of my dream of becoming a supervillain. Such a quitter…
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