any of you has experience with vs code + screen readers? we're trying to find tools for this kid to learn programming, but it's not easy. the screen reader reads punctuation but not {} and she's trying to learn C. also she's having a lot of trouble finding errors in the code, going back and forth, finding the right line.

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    What screenreader do you use?
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    Watching this video is my only experience in programming and screen readers. No VSC though. https://youtu.be/94swlF55tVc
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    There's a kid in Bath, UK that has gone through school with straight As and not seen to any pen or such because of their dunno, dyslexia and such. This one must have used a good set of tools and should be easy to find from its media coverage as it's somewhat been published lately
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    no ide(a) about all this but I know a place where you'd might find people who got experience with coding and not seeing well,
    maybe you could ask them

    (a MUD is an ooold multiplayer online game, fully text and cli based, some from like the 1990s. There should be quite a lot people that play them with screen readers and there are shurely people still coding these things)
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