Note to AltRant testers:

1. Tomorrow, I am going to force-expire build 1583 (the big update with the weekly group rant support) in favor of the build with the bugfix (mentioned here: https://devrant.com/rants/5888282) for consistency and for more up-to-date crash reports/feedback.

2. Limited macOS support is coming extremely soon, I will post a comment here in order to notify you about the added support. I believe the same TestFlight link is going to work for both macOS and iOS. NOTE: I haven't invested too much time with polishing the experience for macOS, so there will be bugs, there will be layout glitches and there will be compromises. I am well aware of all macOS issues but I just want to release something and then fix it along the way.

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    Turns out that the first TestFlight macOS build requires additions manual review from Apple. This might take a few days.
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