advantages of bionic systems:
- energy efficiency
- flexibility
- low friction
- compact size
- water resistance

advantages of mechanical systems:
- precision
- rotation is available
- scalability
- can change parts

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    efficiency. Just compare a boxer's punch to a machine punching.


    flexibility. Bionic system can take almost any shape or form. The thing neatly bends and fills the space.

    friction. A bionic system lubricates itself, and the friction of muscle fibres interacting is way lower than friction of mechanical parts.

    size. Human brain. Nuff said.

    water resistance. Bionic systems are mostly water. Mechanical systems corrode.
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    precision. A mechanical system is capable of producing the exact same movement time and time again.

    rotation. There are no macro-level rotating parts in bionic systems. “Alive” wheels are impossible to supply, “dead” wheels will inevitably break and can hardly be replaced.

    scalability. The bionic system is limited by its means of energy supply. The mechanical system, on the other hand, is “dead” and only require specific supply vessels, compared to the vast supply grid required by a bionic one.

    parts. You can't replace a bionic part as easy as you would a mechanical one, because bionic parts are integrated and interconnected much deeper.
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    My bioinformatician friend told me that for a machine to compete with an organic brain in capabilities while preserving the size, the machine should inevitably become organic.
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    Is it to much to ask for a gunarm?

    "We have gunarms at home:

    Gunarms at home: a nerf gun duct taped to a mannequin arm attached to an amputation stub.
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    There are rotating system in biology. Look at ATP synthase

    Other advantages of biological systems:

    - Builds itself

    - Adapts to new environments

    - No maintenance needed

    - Can be fully recycled

    ... Biological systems are so much more advanced than anything we human can ever build. God created it and we will never be able to get even close to it.
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    @happygimp0 the macro-level. There are none on the macro-level.
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