When i started my work I encoubtered this db(one of 4): more than 20 tables, some with 200 columns literally... EVERYTHING is a varchar 😓.

I'm slowly designing some normalized tables with real fk on new features and projects and people are like: how the fuck did you implement this feature so fast? the other guy spent 3 months designing this form (and I'm just speechless):

The form was some sort of crazyness shit passing input names as "name-of-property" and a file only to check if(name="string") then store a number value to an array and save it as a "number" (actually varchar) on the db. literally more than 50 if statements to do this.

Everything on a single table that made no sense at all.

Just wtf... At least my boss let me start if from scratch cause he we were always having panick attacks every time he needed to do something with it. 😂😂

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    *encountered ... *we were...
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    Is it . Net if so they probably used entity migrations. It is powerful enough to let someone shoot themselves in the foot. I can't talk people out of using it but I get paid to straighten out the carnage.
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    Wow. Starting from scratch was real smart. That db was a total mess. I have seen stuff like this and it is bad. It will be light years better when you complete it.
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    @georgelynch no, all php and PostgreSQL :)
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    @Jumpshot44 just the form yet, but some of those 200 columns monolith are already been outdated by me 😂
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