Well shit, now I (re-)learned C,
And all I want to do is program in C,
But all C jobs are like -
"C guru that merged to Linux kernel"
"Driver writing low level must know Assembly"
"Military-grade realtime hardware design"

Isn't there a C job that's like Python - "here I wrote this script in 5 minutes and spent the rest of the day playing Eve Online" :D :D

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    Isn't a lot C/C++ for embedded interfaces now?
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    Thankfully, there are safer languages for that sort of work.
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    Cpp as some good jobs but c you looking for trouble
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    @Demolishun yes I think so. Major programs are either C++ or some modern language.

    C is old and even linux kernel has set the goal to start switching to Rust to get away from many of the pitfalls.

    So no, there is probably not going to be many python like jobs for pure C ;)
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    C is widespread in embedded, but obviously, you have to know hardware because C is made for "close to the hardware".

    @Voxera The Linux kernel does not switch to Rust. Nobody will rewrite millions of LOC. Drivers however, especially new ones, will have the option to be written in Rust.
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    @Fast-Nop I said start switching ;)

    As in new code will at least for some parts be written in Rust.

    I am fully aware that a big project like the linux kernel will not be rewritten just like that, it will be a process over many years and so e parts might not be replaced while I still live.

    But it is a good indicator that C is not the language to go for in the future unless you are jealous if cobol developers job security :P
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    @Voxera Rust will have a hard time in embedded. Relying on Clang excludes quite a number of controllers, even popular new ones like Cortex-M4 suffer from bad code generation, Rust has no ISO standard.

    But most importantly, Rust faces the same issue as C++ that hasn't replaced C: way too complex as a language. Embedded dev contains a ton more than just writing code, and these skills go out of the window if you hire people who instead focus on such a language.

    If anything, e.g. Zig might have a shot at replacing C in embedded. Rust is rather a C++ replacement, not a C replacement.
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    I think C has very much become a niche language for low level programming

    If you wanna write pure C, I feel like embedded is your best shot
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    @Fast-Nop interesting, did not know it had that dependency
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    @Voxera More precisely, not Clang itself, but LLVM, the backend of Clang (and others).
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