Everything in application is aligned to right

🤡 Can you alight text in that form to the left
Me: Why? All forms have text aligned to the right.
🤡: It looks better
*Add !important*

A couple weeks later, a new BUG is assigned to me by the 🤡
"This form has text aligned to the left, while all other forms have text aligned to to right"

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    "how do you want it formatted?"

    -"You're the developer, you decide, it'll be fine"

    "done - what do you think?"

    -"I don't like the formatting at all, can we make the following 57 changes..."
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    The align left was as you documented in "JRA-12345", please log this as a change request and get funding!
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    I did a designer written ticket where he told to remove 'unnecessary' padding. The padding was there based on his design. I refrained commenting on it.
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    Show him the original ticket, with the left design.
    Then ask which is the correct and final version. Then Summon a meeting with all devs and talk about the missing common UX guideline. Make sure to waste a lot of time. Kick the official UX design guideline document - with a very tight deadline to be the responsibility of 🧓. Block any and all UX changes until the design doc is ready, and approved by everyone.
    Then define a very complicated "how to change the UX guideline" process.
    Sit back, and then decline any and all changes that are not in the guideline, or were not submitted and approved using the complicated process.
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    and so the cycle continues... until death...

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    Any change always ask "can you raise a requirement?"

    that way you have explanation to the change/bug.

    and you are getting paid for those
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    Always use written form of communication with him. If he asked for that in a verbal conversation, reject it. :-D
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    @ojt-rant this hit a little too hard... cuz it has happened to me few times.
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    Curious: was this just a theoretical example? Cause I can't think of a single website where everything is right aligned by default
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    Nope, this is back office app made ~decade ago.

    where all forms are rendered from predefined XMLs
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