Just before my graduation a big consultancy firm reached me to offer me a job.

They told the salary was double compared to other jobs but they needed me to

go to a city 4 hours away from mine,

have an interview there,

if that went well I would have had to attend an intensive course in the same city (paying all expenses by myself)

and after that have another interview to see if I was good for the job

“Sounds nice 😊 can you call me next week after my graduation? Now I need to focus on that but then I would like to hear more…”

How did it go? Who knows, after my graduation I turned my phone off for a month and 👻 ghosted them…

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    Sounds like a scummy company trying to sell training or something.
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    Got called by on of those. Rhey wanted me to travel to detroit for training. Fuck em. Got a job in the same city anyways.
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    It was a 3 months training course,

    I forgot to write it
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    Doesn't pass the smell test
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