I have spent 20 minutes explaining to a contractor how to stage a file in git and what a filepath is.

It's moments like this where I stop worrying about my job security

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    Update: it turned into 45 minutes after I started explaining how to stage files and what a merge request was since they didn't know
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    I remember when I was at my first job, 0 professional experience, practically the first hire and the only one besides the boss writing code. I was shoving everything onto the same branch.
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    @kamen this guy has "3YOE"
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    Contractors are just people like you and me that our companies need as they themselves can't fill their open positions. So, I wouldn't be bothered 😁
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    Git isnot so easy to ubderstand, even for devs i think.
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    @aviophile Its easy to get started with and get basic things done. But its very difficult to master it.
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    I needed 3-4 days from not understanding git at all to be able to use git.
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    @homomorphicanus He has the experience of a three year old?

    … sorry, sorry, terrible joke
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    @AmyShackles But that means 20 years of professional experience!

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