If you think meetings are bad.

Have a day full of license renewal and price negotiation talks regarding technical products.

It's funny how you can blatantly say: We don't need feature XYZ, we get it for free via BLA.... Yet they still present it in all glory.

Even better when they don't even know their alternative / competition products...

X: "our tool is better".
Me: "We have tool XY. Doesn't cost a penny, does the same, we don't need your tool".
X: "No it doesn't. Look at all the features we have *screen share presentation* with long explanations".
Y: "Yeah... You've certain additional features, but the basics are all present in the tool that we use, so my statement remains the same".

These meetings are really mind boggling insane.

Even more insane when you get the price offers.

The cloud only madness is absurd.

Sure, we move 50 terabyte plus to the cloud from premise, no problem. *🤡*

Not that we haven't told them explicitly that cloud only isn't possible....

The worst: every motherfucking company does it for every stupid single craptastic product...

You cannot even swoop it up in a single meeting... Every company. Every single product.

*booze liberate me from madness and remove the filthy stain of humanity*

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    Well they have to try, don't they?
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    @spongessuck that's not trying.

    That's hemorrhoid and herpes combined style of we will stick together.
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    But imagine you're in sales...

    Ok never mind, it's too awful.
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    @spongessuck awful and other feelings would require a soul.

    Thats the first thing sales people sold.
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    There are meetings. And feel free to cut them short and interrupt them, you are the (potential) customer. They need you.
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    If you know, you don't want their product - why even have a meeting?! Just say "no means no" and hang up.
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    @Oktokolo i wish it would be that easy.

    upper management wants detailed report and an effort shown for networking.

    most apps have not a single yes / no license, more a detailed plan depending on various factors. So you cannot just say no, sadly.

    It wouldn't be torture if you could just say no... :(
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    @IntrusionCM Might want to migrate away from that apps.
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    Agree. Meetings about external tools are the worst, because so many of the participants are unaware of the market, and this is the first time hearing about the category.

    It feels like going into a clothing store with a bunch of people who've never bought clothes in their life and listen to a pitch about what a tshirt is and why this is the only brand that can deliver quality tshirts.
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