Back when Steve Jobs died, and my brother and I were freaking out and telling the bad news to everyone in our family, my sister said: "Who's Steve Jobs? Is he the guy who invented Twitter?"

😑 I can't even... 😥

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    Were you related to him or something?
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    @200OK What? No. His death was just a huge blow to the tech industry and the advancement of tech so of course it was a big deal
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    @Koolstr was it though?
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    Jobs death with not a huge blow to the tech industry.

    Propably less then Bill Gates, and much more less than Dennis Richie who actually invented something
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    Steve Jobs is overrated. There was a very little innovation in what he did. Never tried to follow global standards in his products; Tim Cook is a little worse than him, either way both are good at accusing other's products for copying.
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    Honestly, I'm surprised by how much Steve Jobs hate there is here. Trust me, I'm not an Apple fan boy and have frankly been waiting for its impending demise ever since he died. Every single thing they've done since has been a misstep so far.

    But you guys are overlooking the raw impact he has had on the tech world and on society. What he has done, even if it can't be considered something respectable, has catalyzed nearly every aspect of the way we live now. From digital music to quality product design to real touch screen devices to app stores. These may not have been his ideas but because of what he has done, we are all so invested into these things now, and they are all central components of modern society.

    Seriously, if it weren't for him, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion on our super-big touch screen phones on (thegreatest) app store app DevRant to begin with! So give the dead guy some credit and respect.
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    I think that if he were still alive we would be much further ahead in societal technological progression than we are now, just as we had become due to what he did when he was alive.
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    @Letmecode his life was of no real consequence, really? You think that if he never existed we would be living in any way remotely similar to the way we currently live? I don't know about you, but a fine tool for measuring somebody's significance is seeing the impact they left on people's lives, and remnants of him are embedded in nearly everything we do.
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    @codeblood Tim Cook is much worse than him IMO. Hasn't done one thing that left a positive impact, unlike Jobs.

    Not following the global standards is what let him lead us into the higher quality global standards we now have when it comes to production quality!

    Jobs wasn't the one who innovated, but he WAS the one who brought those innovations into our lives.
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    @Artemix I agree with you on that though lol. I am thankful it has become helmed by somebody who really hasn't done shit right.
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    Hate? Please show me where the hate is

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    I love apple and all but what most people don't realize is if Jobs didn't do it, someone else would. For better or worse.
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    @Koolstr Not following the global standards shows ignorance and not 'greatness'. Its just a business strategy where you keep the customer engaged into your products only (Customers have no choice but to buy the same accessories because others are not compatible).
    FYI there was Motorola, IBM and a lot other who brought technologies to people. Motorola brought first wireless mobile, IBM brought the first touchscreen device...
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    @codeblood oh, that's what you were referring to by global standards. Yeah the forced ecosystem is something I despise. Not having cross platform support for anything is frustrating as hell. From their software to their charging cables, I fucking can't stand proprietary bullshit for no reason other than because they can.
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    @200OK for better or worse maybe, but I'm not too sure it's true that somebody else would have. Frankly we don't have a multiverse time machine so we'll never get to know if it's true or not...
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    @g-m-f yeah that's about right. He made all this awesome advanced technology a desired public commodity (even though all these sheeple have no idea how to use them properly or to their fullest potential). That's where I think his impact lies. As a businessman affecting the industry, as a business.
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