Jeep Mechanic duh. Currently code for a living and work on Jeeps for a hobby. It would just be the other way around.

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    Nice Jeep, looks great.
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    Any Jeep after 2014 is technically Italian. If I had to get a Jeep, it'd be something pre Chrysler or AMC.
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    I sometimes think I would like to be a mechanic for a living as I'm capable. Then I do a "1hr" job that takes all friggin day lol. Keep it up, one day you might want to be a mechanic to make your life simpler, who knows.
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    I believe mechanics and programmers are very similar because we both have to understand and debug systems. Always glad to see other programmers working on vehicles. I love my 4runner, I wheel it hard and I respect that beast for the places it takes me.
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