I want to write technical blogs for a long long time now but can't find the motivation or ideas. Any advice some of you would want to give?

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    Well with current news: importance of good backups, automating workstation setup, importance of security patches, and email security.

    right about now if you can keyword it right you could get a good many readers cause of wannacry
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    Start writing a few entries off line.

    Once you have half a dozen, reread them and have a friend read them to.

    If you still want start publishing them one at a time and await comments while you start writing new once.

    That way you can get a decent interval in the beginning to get going.

    If you get followers and positive comments that helps with motivation and also they might help with topics.

    If you start writing a single one its easy to loose interest before you get any readers and readers are going to be more interested once they see more than one entry.
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    @jckimble thanks man. Will try things out
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    @Voxera thank you. Will start writing very soon.
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