Actually kinda sad, that there is no pure rust ui framework out there, but rather mere adaptations of c/c++ frameworks for rust. It's better than nothing for sure, it just would be nice, if i could use a framework, that doesn't create a massive memory leak, because i looked at it funny.

In particular i'm using fltk-rs, and everytime I'm applying a font to some widget, 500kb get added as leaked memory. Doesn't sound like a lot, but for one it's a dynamically built application, so the order and amount of widgets changes, and this application is supposed to run days, if not weeks.

thanks to heaptrack i was able to pinpoint that to libpango, which i'm not even interacting with directly, but rather indirectly through the api.

Annoying, that i chose to use a language for actively preventing leaks and dangling pointers and stuff, but end up leaking memory because of a dependency somewhere.

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