Oh boy.

I've been partially on-loan to another team that's relatively new at the company for a couple of weeks now, mostly to help them get some testing sorted out, and had scheduled a call with their lead the other day. The call basically started like this:

Lead: Hi
sudo-woodo: Hey
Lead: Okay, so let's talk about <subject>, but I guess you've been told the news
sudo-woodo: What news
Lead: I'm putting in my notice

I love listening to seniors because they always drop some wisdom, but this was some serious wisdom. Guy sounded exhausted at everything, talking mad shit about the company and certain people and I'm just here like 🍿. Seems understandable, a lot of butting heads with the higher-ups and not being able to do his job properly.

Unfortunately we all kinda needed him to do his job because his job involved juggling fifteen different things that the project (and like 90% of my backlog to be honest) depends on.

shit's fucked 🙃

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    I’m so sorry to destroy your 1111 score.
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    @Lensflare arrived too late to fix it ;_;
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    reminds me of someone who's leaving the company in 2 weeks :)
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    Sounds like what happened on one of my old teams. Someone is going to be expected to fill the void. But does anyone want to?
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    @TrevorTheRat Someone else has stepped up to take his role, the next best person for the job TBH.

    The team he lead is full of very stubborn people and he somehow managed to command enough respect to wrangle them into working together and under a cohesive vision, I don't know how well his replacement can manage that.
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