There should be a basic qualification for getting certified as a trainer or a teacher.

This one dude is trying to give us knowledge about advanced C++ and I shit you not, he thinks the best way to engage with the audience is just read monotonously off a PowerPoint and saying "am I right?" in 5 minute intervals.

Can't wait for this day to get over and then finally I am free ffs

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    Not everyone can be an 10x presenter, but some people ahouldn't be teaching others at all I agree
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    This happened at devrant?
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    So when I switched over to this line of work, the NUMBER ONE thing that surprised me the most was how everyone giving presentations or “teaching” talks to you like you are a pre-schooler or like you are utterly stupid. And don’t even get me started on courses meant for executives. Are they ACTUALLY small children? Or does everyone just treat each other like that?! I come from the music world, and you would get your azz kicked talking like that. It is downright demeaning.
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    Is a two sided conversation my friend, if you do not complain about it (same way you did here), there won't be change, basically you are supporting it.

    Now, try to imagine the teacher, what do you honestly think it would be his opinion about his students
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