What's up with the long windows update?
It's been 3 hours now :/

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    Oh yes, I've seen this issue before. Here's how you solve it.
    1. Backup your files
    2. Make a bootable linux usb of a distro of your choice.
    3. Install linux over your windows partition.
    4. Happy days
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    And welcome to devrant :)
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    @penguin Thanks :)
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    @penguin that will definitely fix those updates, I did exactly the same thing and it worked for me.
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    Cant because developing in visual studio
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    It may takes a while windows downloading latest ransomware bundle including wannacry.
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    Or, as another forum would say, install gentoo
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    Small periodic updates, large yearly updates. They definitely do hurt...
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    Just disable Windows Update service and don't be an idiot online (Use adblockers, don't click on clickbait, don't open spam emais and so on).
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    @demiko Agree on that
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