You know in time all that will be left of them is maybe the idea that they were all whores and maybe people will feel sorry for them long after their dead

And that would be good because it would encourage a sense of humanity in future generations which being the exact opposite of what they want would be part of the sweet revenge

I think that splitting them off from the group that does all this creepy shit would also be a nice alteration to history

It would allow the young to despise the one while not falling victim to the propaganda they use to try to humanize themselves to cause other people grief and trauma down the road and would not allow them to falsely portray all people stuck in their line of work as the same kind of garbage trash that has no other use

Wouldn't that be lovely ? All the mind numbing buildup of chomo trash you people constructed torn down meaning lost and the ambiguous nature of much of it portrayed as it was portrayed as ordinary sex games and the like and adventures being left behind to delight people you'd all victimize in future generations ? All your wasted fucked up lives reduced to zero. Just like you all forced on so many others ?

Reverse pronouns if this isn't making sense since everyone knows you people speak English but just act like retards.

In time the world will heal
End of story
The perfect formula for screwing over younger straighter more innocent and good natured if lusty and angry people will no longer work and your fucked up abuses will disappear and noone will remember any of your names just like you creatures tried by stealing everything decent people created and passing it off as your own. And your dumb code will be as nonsensical then as it is now

At least in the long run there is that as this evil is purely self destructive

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    Trying to steal the future didn't work so well did it ? What you people tried is anti evolution and is not compatible with any functioning society saving one that uses slaves eg all of you people
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    5 points to my god these posts are only getting worse
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    @tosensei i was warned
    What happened to me was my fault
    I cannot punish you
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    @tosensei stop making insulting suggestions
    I'm being warned again
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    @AvatarOfKaine is it an insult to say "your leg is broken, you should visit the ER" to someone whos leg is actually broken?

    it's not.

    neither is suggesting that someone might have serious mental problems that should be treated with the proper medication and therapy.
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    @tosensei you know what the issue I'd there ? A person who was raped by their father everyday and had their armed burnt and scarred by cigarettes turns around snd starts cutting themselves

    Now they're "crazy"

    So yeah their may be problems but the problems would subside without someone recreating the situation that exasperates them

    Like being surrounded by fucked up chomo trash for example doing the same shit and trying to make s tir period depressing so they long for the past and discard the present

    But eustebr@tosensei you said this before
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