managers: We're all aligned! Let's work as a team and get this started!

devs: ok...

managers and devs meeting to discuss next features: * canceled by managers *

managers: (word for word, can't make this shit up) we cancelled the meeting, we will define the roadmap for everyone

> WE will define the roadmap for EVERYONE

devs: uh wtf???

one hour later, managers: guys we are defining the roadmap can we have a call to discuss?

fucking asshat, insolent, disrespectful pieces of shit

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    I definitely agree with the sentiment, however, you may have just dodged a bullet there.

    I mean, if it's anything like I am used to, had you attended the original meeting you'd have been systematically ignored for one hour while having to endure the bickering between the managers themselves.

    Just make sure to do a recap mail later detailing how *they* defined the roadmap so you can blame them later and coast along!
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    Yes, I share your sentiments. If the original meeting was anything like the ones I've been to, attendees would have been ignored for an entire hour while being subjected to heated debates amongst themselves. manage.
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    That’s what we meant when we said “we”…also we’ll need you to come in on Saturday we are in a crunch with this roadmap, you understand.
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