The panic when I overhear my colleague in a meeting "sure I can test it in prod but we normally don't do that..."

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    My team: "We exclusively test in production"
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    A 3rd party in particular:
    hey @c0d4, we tried something in production with this data and didn't get a failure, although... we didn't get anything back at all either, can you take a look?

    Me: 😩 here we go again
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    Ah shit here we go again
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    @rantsauce Sales telling the system was sending old invoices to a customer... Later we found that senior guy was testing a new feature but forgot that some customers get their invoices automatically...
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    @C0D4 "hold on, let me see if insurance will cover the damage when it fails because we ran it in production. *shuffles paper*, that'll cost six figures and we're good to go."
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