Running a script to do some checks on a list of Git repos.

One repo is taking ages to clone.

Take a look at the repo…


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    So you got gitrolled?
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    @Oktokolo Someone's git-pulling my leg.
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    Shallow clone my friend.
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    @magicMirror Nah, I'm going to obliterate that motherfucker so hard that all the 1s in the bytes that form it will turn into 0.5s.
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    step 1: git blame.

    step 2: fire person responsible for sheer and utter incompetence.

    step 3: ???

    step 4: profit.
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    Ha this nothing compared to 6 years of 1000s of pdfs stored in a repo 😁
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    @muliyul yawn
    Always so much fun heh
    So glad to be here
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    Wow, what a douche that was
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    Some old boss of mine insisted that all binaries resulting from builds were to be checked into the repo. (And mind you those were unity builds)

    Fun times those were...
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    My heart just explodes when I see a simple binary, zip or tar.gz if they are supposed to be the built artifacts (artifacts should be stored in a related repository like Nexus or Artifactory)

    I would be dead If I saw something like that in our repositories
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    My condolences for the repo.

    A 200 MB log file got my blood boiling once and I almost screamed in the developer's face.

    I got the file removed from git history and asked every developer to clone it again. Took me 2 days!
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    UPDATE: I asked the owner, he told me he didn't use it and to ask another team; I asked that team, they told me they don't use it either but ask this other team just in case; asked the third team, they don't use it either.

    I deleted it. Destruction feels good.
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