Work/life balance doesn’t exist!

I have no personal life outside what I do. My creative expression. It heavily influences my every decision and makes up who I am, and it is not possible to draw the line where my creativity ends and my personal life with my partner, friends and stuff begins. Coincidentally, it is also my “job”.

The day my creativity stops will mark the end of what makes my life meaningful.

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    Work/life balance only exists when you force it to exist. if you let your job consume all your energy, then obviously you have none left for your private life.

    Find something enjoying that makes your brain stop thinking about job-related stuff. Then use that to switch from job-mode into private-mode and have fun living your life. Depending on how enjoyable that other activity is, you might start liking your job less though...
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    @Oktokolo I appreciate the ~~protectionism~~ concern, but not all jobs are strictly linear and focused on one specific thing. My scope is vast, and the amount of creative expression I use surpasses that of a lot of people with “life outside work”. What I call “work” is essentially processing arbitrary things to fit my vision and then making something out of it. IT stuff is just one facet of it. As you may see, the definition is very broad.

    Plus, I'm autistic, and being fascinated with repetition is a common attribute seen in autistic individuals. To give some practical example, I'm okay with rewatching the video I like every week, it is just as interesting to me as it was the first time.

    If you add that up, my rationale should be obvious.
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    I would use a more cynical approach to work/life balance. "Work" would be the time in a day or week where you allow someone who pays you to interfere on your choice of activities, in exchange for said payment. "Life" would be all your time.
    Thus, "work/life" balance is literally a fraction of how many hours in a given day or week you are available to work for payment. A good work/life balance would be a fraction that would still allow for rest, exercise and leisure.
    For some people, that could approach zero.
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    @JsonBoa did you rotice the importance of the order of words in the term "work - life - balance" when seen as a fraction? So you can have zero work, but never zero life (because it would be division by zero).
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    @horus in that world view and without any additional parameters, life would be a constant equal to 168 hours per week.
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    @kiki Yes, it is indeed obvious, that there can be no work/life balance when the two are defined as being the same thing.
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    There is balance only in my head, everything else is just a set of incomprehensible details that make me something whole that can walk and talk.
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