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Infra Guy: mr Dev, could you please give some rational for update of jjb?
Dev: sparse checkout support is missing
Infra Guy: is this support mandatory to achive whatever you trying to do?
Dev: yes
Infra Guy: u trying to get set of specific folder for set of specific components?
Dev: yes
Infra Guy: bash script with cp or mv will not work for you?
Dev: no
Infra Guy: ?
Dev: when you have already present functionality why reinvent the wheel
Dev: jenkins has support for it
Dev: the jjb is the bottle neck
Infra Guy: getting this functionality onto our infra would have some implications
Dev: why should I write bash script if jenkins allows me to do that
Dev: what implications ??
Infra Guy: will you commit to solve all the issues caused by new jjb?
Dev: you show me the implications first
Infra Guy: like a year ago i have tried to get new jjb <commit_url>
Infra Guy: no, the implications is a grey area
Infra Guy: i cant show all of them and they may hit like in week or eve month
Dev: then why was it not tackled
Dev: and why was it kept like that
Infra Guy: few jobs got broken on something
Dev: it will crop up some time later
Dev: if jobs get broken because of syntax
Dev: then jobs can be fixed
Dev: is it not ???
Infra Guy: ofc
Infra Guy: its just a question who will fix them
Dev: follow the syntax and follow the guidelines
Dev: put up a test server and try and lets see
Dev: you have a dev server
Dev: why not try on that one and see what all jobs fails
Dev: and why they fail
Dev: rather than saying it will fail and who will fix
Dev: let them fail and then lets find why
Dev: I manually define a job
Dev: I get it done
Infra Guy: i dont think we have test server which have the same workload and same attention as our prod
Dev: unless you test how would you know ??
Dev: and just saying that it broke one with a version hence I wont do it
Infra Guy: and im not sure if thats fair for us to deal with implication of upgrading of the major components just cause bash script is not good enough for u
Dev: its pretty bad
Infra Guy: i do agree
Infra TL Guy: Dev, what Infra Guy is saying is that its not possible to upgrade without downtime
Infra Guy: no
Dev: how long a downtime are we looking at ??
Infra Guy: im saying that after this upgrade we will have deal with consequences for long time
Infra Guy-2: No this is not testing the upgrade is the huge effort as we dont have dev resources to handle each job to run
Dev: if your jjb compiles all the yaml without error
Dev: I am not sure what consequences are we talking of
Infra Guy: so you think there will be no consequences, right?
Dev: unless you take the plunge will you know ??
Dev: you have a dev server running at port 9000
Infra Guy: this servers runs nothing
Dev: that is good
Dev: there you can take the risk
Infra Guy: and the fack we have managed to put something onto api doesnt mean it works
Dev: what API ?
Infra Guy: jenkins api
Infra Guy: hmmm
Dev: what have you put on Jenkins API ??
Infra Guy: (
Dev: jjb is a CLI
Infra Guy: ((
Dev: is what I understand
Dev: not a Jenkins API
Infra Guy: (((
Dev: (((((
Infra Guy: jjb build xmls and push them onto api
Infra Guy: and its doent matter
Dev: so you mean to say upgrading a CLI is goig to upgrade your core jenkisn API
Dev: give me a break
Infra Guy: the matter is that even if have managed to build something and put it onto api
Infra Guy: doesnt mean it will work
Dev: the API consumes the xml file and creates a job
Infra Guy: right
Dev: if it confirms to the options which it understands
Dev: then everything will work
Dev: I am actually not getting your point Infra Guy
Infra Guy: i do agree mr Dev
Dev: we are beating around the bush
Infra Guy: just want to be sure that if this upgrade will break something
Infra Guy: we will have a person who will fix it
Dev: that is what CICD is supposed to let me know with valid reasons
Dev: why can't that upgrade be done
Infra Guy: it can be done
Infra Guy: i even have commit in place

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    Dev: great
    Dev: when can I have the updated JJB then ??
    Infra Guy: but it's not merged since we dont have a person who will own the risk
    Dev: Can I have this one line officially in a email statement please Infra Guy ??
    Infra Guy: and now it seems we have a person who confident there will be no issues with new jjb
    Infra TL Guy: i would think the risk will have to be owned by respective teams
    Infra TL Guy: one team
    Infra TL Guy: two team
    Infra TL Guy: etc
    Dev: risk is who ever owns their own jobs
    Infra TL Guy: but that still leaves Infra with huge chunk of jobs
    Infra Guy: i can officially send email that i do recommend to use bash instead of new jjb since new jjb may ruin everything else
    Infra Guy: and effect not only one team but whole infra
    Infra Guy-3: +1
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    Infra TL Guy: Also say we are ready to do it if the teams are ready to face the potential downtime
    Dev: so you are saying that teams need to reinvent the wheel when even jenkins has support for it
    Dev: since JJB is at a lower version ??
    Infra Guy-3: our jenkins is also lower version, was not updated 2y or so... We can have problems with new JJB
    Infra Guy-3: every JOb should be tested before migration
    Infra Guy-3: So "Update JJB" sounds like epic US: update JJB -> check every job, if not -> update jenkins -> rewrite/fix broken jobs (new jenkins version is not 100% compatible) -> merge changes into JJB.... sounds like 2-4 iterations
    Infra Guy-3: how much it will take to "reinvent the wheel" instead?
    Infra Guy: >potential downtime
    Infra TL Guy, we're talking not about downtime, they may face unexpected behavior with existing jobs and have to change their jobs
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    Fuck you ...if you have such an outdated and brittle system in place that cannot be upgraded and you have no roadmap to upgrade, then you better go get the fuck off....
    And for jobs beaking ....let them break if they have not followed the guidelines...the guidelines exists for a reason...and what the fuck were you doing for the past fucking year if you knew that it would one day come up ??

    End result ::

    Infra Head Guy: My recommendation is to let Dev Teams run with the newer version of JJB.

    Reaction from Infra Guy:
    Infra Guy: i let Dev Teams to run whatever version they want
    Infra Guy: but i dont think they have technical capabilities to do it

    If you do have the fucking technical capabilities to do it then fucking shut your fucking mouth up and get me my fucking upgraded JJB.
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