What's so damn hard about a simple change log when you update your app? Or at least point me to somewhere where I can see that. Ugh. Come on.

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    Seamless is just a small example I called out. I'm just so sick of generic "bug fixes and performance improvements" updates by so many apps these days. It's so lazy.
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    Seamless is pretty terrible with all releases in general so I'm not surprised.

    I remember when they launched a new version maybe half a year back and they destroy all past orders and introduced a ton of other issues. They added a snarky what's new message, something along the lines of "yes, there were bugs. We fixed them." Making it sound like users were out of line for complaining about mass data loss.
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    @dfox Yeah, the snarky comments are even worse sometimes. It makes them seem as though they are above their users.

    For users who don't care, they will have auto updates on and never even see it. For the users that DO care, we don't want to see some bs marketing message. Haha
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    @bluetidepro definitely, I agree. The worst offender of the marketing shit/terrible update messages is Facebook.
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    @dfox the worst offender for the terrible updates is Facebook. Every update is a step backwards.
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    git commit -am "did stuff"
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