I know it's taking me a quite some time to release the AltRant update but I am constantly finding more places to improve loading times and whatnot. The fix list is getting longer as I go...

Also, massive shoutout to @johnmelodyme for helping me with the SwiftRant library and finding those crazy bugs and weird typos and genreal improvements, his contributions are literal goldmine!

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    What are the bugs that you plan to fix? I’d like to look out for those, too when the new version comes out.
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    Wait I just realized that you are probably confusing @johnmelodyme for me 😅
    As far as I know I am the only contributor to SwiftRant. Besides you of course.
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    @Lensflare my apologies! I am confusing you two because john sent out some issues either on devRant as well as Apple Developer feedback crash reports 😅

    I swear one day I will get it right. Thanks to both of you! Your contributions are extremely helpful.
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    List of bugs that were fixed:

    Layout issues in cells in the profile screen
    Layout issues in cells in the Subscribed feed
    (Potentially fixed) rant editing with a URL in it (probably some attributed text that wasn't updated properly)
    And way too much more... (including what both of us worked on in SwiftRant)
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