I'm trying really hard not to be sensitive, but my manager is making it difficult with their "constructive criticisms" ...

Just finished up a call with them. And I'm so tired. I'm not even angry or upset, I just feel so tired of their bullshit.

I set up a meeting as a courtesy to get them up to date on all the code changes I made. Last night I stayed up late to try and get things in before the deadline and this morning just killed me when they say.

"I don't think I should have given you this."

"I was right, you weren't ready to start doing this."
(Then don't even bother giving me anymore tasks then, I don't fucking care.)

"you clearly don't understand how branches work"
(Absolutely fucking false, I fixed that shit and am very familiar with how to understand the structure of the fucking repo)

"you are rushing and I don't need you messing up the website"
(I'm being proactive you twat, not rushing, making it very difficult for me to do the work and being productive)

Like seriously bro! Don't fucking patronize me for the work I was trying to get out. And trust me this fucking meeting is done in order to get ahead of potential issues, not a time to be condescending of my skills or lack there-of as you seem to so keenly think.

If you had this much doubt about my abilities then why give me the fucking Sr. title? Fucking trust that I'm being honest, and I'm trying to get us to a good spot, not fucking sabotage the company. God fucking damn.

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    wow, these comments are so destructive and disrespectful... and not helpful at all. it is their job to support you in case of difficulties or if there's anything unclear. that's how it should be.
    seniors aren't omniscient, in this job this is virtually impossible...
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    I think this conversation is a one sided display of your disappointment in my work. I don't agree with it and I think it is unfair that I cannot express my opinion on it.

    You should work on your social skills, as they're severely lacking.


    (Would be my response)
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    @IntrusionCM haha hilarious. I'll never be witty enough to pull that out of thin air like that, but it's a great pipe dream to have.
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    @soull00t thank you for understanding. It really has been frustrating to work with, but I'm trying to work past it.
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    Just don't let them trash your work.

    One should not identify with their work, but getting trampled over and diminished is... Just fuckity.

    Honestly, if someone pulled that stunt in front of me, I'd guess my answer would be far less polite. I hate such fuckwads.
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    Complain if you can. That’s not constructive feedback, that’s abuse.
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