Me: I'm done working for today, let's pack up and go home !
Windows: :)
Me: You better fucking not-
Windows: Installing update 1 of 893...

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    Wow what a touching story and funny too, but it won't make you wannacry, so that's great
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    Well, why havent you installed then earlier?
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    To bad for him then, I guess I have lunch? So he can do it then
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    why I switched to linux
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    You forget the bit, "please don't turn off your pc" 🤣
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    This scenario made me miss my train once.
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    Totally can relate. Just like when u just wanna restart and start doing your work and this shit happens 😑
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    If tot have a work pc you can just leave it. If it is a laptop you can just close the lid.
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    @aimome this is the worst! You're just like "okay, let's do a quick restart and get back to work" and windows goes "how about no ?"
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    @luigiAndMario exactly! Windows can be quite savage 😩
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    Doing Alt+F4 and shutting down instead of start menu skips the updates.
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