Any day when I'm manic. Can work 12 hours without feeling tired. Also, 30% intelligence boost. Feeling like a god. Solving people's problems in minutes left and right.

It's unfortunate it only last a month tops, with the remaining year being deep depression. Matter of fact, I got diagnosed with bipolar type I when my psychiatrist mapped my awards from released products and articles to the timeline, and it resembled a bipolar cycle.

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    That looks like a safety mechanism to me. You sound like you would totally burn yourself out by constantly crunching hard just because you can. You probably don't do so while depressed.
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    @Oktokolo mania is not a mere absence of depression. Mania is whole another level
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    @kiki Makes sense that the defective regulation system overswings on both ends.

    Does caffeine weaken the depression and does abstaining from it weaken the mania?
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    @Oktokolo for me, caffeine rises anxiety levels somewhat, because it rises heart rate, and when my heart is racing for any reason, I feel more anxious, and vice versa. It has almost no effect on my cycle. The mind clarity I get when I maintain my sleep time is miles ahead of what caffeine can do.
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    @Nanos can you give me an example if that’s okay with you? Or an advice? I could really use one from you
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    @Nanos thank you a lot 🥰
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