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    I would love to have a Solaris emoji, that would cover my evening perfectly
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    @Linux Don't. Keep that blasphemy away from us. Just... don't. It's the reason why you need 🍺 in the first place.
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    AIX would be a different story. I've got nothing but respect for The Big Blue for AIX. So consistent, so standardised, so clear and fully under control in every aspect. And their support - oh boy, the support...

    I've never had Oracle call us with "Hello, you may have not noticed, but it seems like one of your servers has a faulty PSU. We have an FRU available and that would be an online replacement. When would you like us to arrive?"
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    You son of a GNU, I'm in!
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    I should have been clear, Illumos :)
    Check it out
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