MySQL 5.5 end of life’d in 2010. In 2021 my company started an upgrade to 5.6. The outdated dependencies meant we needed 25 engineers for 2 months full-time to make the upgrade as invisible to users as possible. We still took about 90 minutes of downtime on cutover day. Not upgrading MySQL on time meant we paid way more in terms of engineering hours. The reason we call it debt, is because you pay interest when you don’t tKe care of it right away.

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    Other than fixing MySQL s shitty syntax what was left do you think?
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    90 minutes on an upgrade?

    What the fuck! I hope your DB is at least huge or distributed.

    When are you moving to 8? 😂
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    @sariel I quit, they still weren’t on 8. The DB size was measured in billions of rows, mostly dead from transactions that will never complete but finance wanted them around for metrics. 🤦‍♂️
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    @devphobe ah yes, the ancient wisdom of reportability over validity.

    "Why does my finance report look so bad?" "Because we removed all the invalid data." "🤬 PUT IT BACK!"

    these fucking clowns would be out of a job if we all just stopped letting them lie.
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