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    Ask them why don't they do it themselves then. If they know so much about it :@
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    Upwork is a total shitshow. Unfortunately, there is no better option.
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    Give them the html then, they didn't mention any CSS or JS, so...
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    What do you mean? It's doable.

    As long as there are just a couple of divs, some text, and an image.

    If they want any of that to be centered however then you'll need about 1-2 weeks :p
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    @DevMaterial I haven't tried it yet (just peeked a bit) but as I see, there are much more freelance jobs in Upwork.
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    I'm not sure but i think Photoshop can export that
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    Just use http://www.psdtoweb.de and it's done in seconds :D
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    @cankarales 🤣
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