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The karman line is bullshit.

If you aren't at escape velocity for your local planet's gravity well, then you aren't in fucking space.

Blue origin is a lie.

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    It's just that people want to draw the atmosphere-space line somewhere and they choose the karman line, instead of accepting that it's something gradual xD.
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    Well it's what FAI recognizes, si there's that.

    If we go about how far the atmosphere extends, technically, any of the electrons on earth could be on the other side of the universe (even if only with infinitesimal probability). Does that mean the atmosphere extends to the other side of the universe?

    Yes, there's no hard frontier between atmo and space, but we like drawing lines 😂

    Also, shouldn't it be the Karman ellipsoid?
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    Yep, @Wisecrack.
    Virgin always has been.
    Oh wait.
    You said Blue Origin?!
    Isn't that Jeff's '(touristic!) airline'?
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    Don't they say Karman line and Lagrange point ?
    Where the first could have any shape
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    By your logic if you shot straight up halfway to the moon and fell back down, you were never in space.
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    @spongessuck well shit. Fair enough. I still think it's a mistake not to include orbit in the definition of "outer space"
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    The Lagrange point(s, there's 5), are the points you could be stationary (apparently, you'd be orbiting along with the moon) respect to the earth and moon.

    The main L1 point is still way further than the Karman line, most definitely in space.
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    Did I stutter?
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    @Wisecrack orbits can be arbitrarily large. It doesn’t really make sense to include them in the definition of outer space.
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