Just lost hours of work because the winforms designer decided to send half my elements to (11, -8000) and resize others to (0,0). No matter what I did, there was no moving them back. And every change I made was reverted by some unknown mechanism.

Thankfully, I still have the user controls I built. But I still have to rewire 3k lines worth of form events.

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    Winforms... oof, haven't used them in about 8 years
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    Replace -8000 -> 0

    That will give you a pretty good start I guess
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    @AlgoRythm If only. Every change I made to the design of the form moved the elements to heaven's attic or compressed them inside the core of a neutron star.

    I finally figured out it was something to do with anchoring. After I turned of anchoring, the madness stopped. Still quite frustrating to have five(5) failed refactoring branches with hours of lost work.
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