We aren't allowed to boil water BOIL WATER

"We have to get Climate Neutral until we decided for a plan the kitchen is closed"


I get it we have to become climate neutral but holy fuck this can't be part of the solution to not use the kitchen anymore....

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    what? Are some companies no longer allowing to boil water at the office? Are you also not allowed to do so at home? I don't get it.
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    This sounds like something my company would be capable of doing
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    "we can no longer afford to provide the kitchen as a benefit. Instead of being professional and upfront about this we're feigning a deep concern for the environment to guilt others from using one of the few(and quickly diminishing) benefits of working here."
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    Lulz. Get a cheap induction plate and a stainless steel moka pot and make the most legendary coffee right at your desk. Also get ready to defend the epic coffee with your life as coworkers and raiders sent by other organizations will try to get their uncivilized barbarian hands on it as soon as they smell it.

    You can add some more elitism by also getting a coffee mill (manual with a crank to not make too much noise in the office) and grinding your beans as you need them. Also roasting the beans in the office could lead to people assuming you want to use an Apple laptop for work though - so better avoid going all-in coffee hipster...
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    You are a nazi if you boil water.
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    Meanwhile, CEO takes his private jet to fly between LA and SF
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    We have a kitchen in the office
    We are not allowed to use it for anything that includes specifically boiling water for tea or coffee
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    We aren't even allowed to store coffee or tea there which are provided by ourselves

    The company doesn't buy anything
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    Honestly I would just not give a shit and do it anyway

    A company as shit as that isn't worth working with in the end
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    @jackpearce This is what happens when too many people just go along with the Woke propaganda, instead of pushing it back early on.

    They accept just about anything shoved on to them. And it becomes normalized: "just get in line", "rules are just rules"
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    A new way of saying: We are broke and don't want to buy water or pay for any kitchen appliances...
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    Funny that you say it considering that the left has been warning about ecofascism for decades that would push for total control over human lives in order to ensure undisturbed flow of capital and accumulation of the wealth for the superwealthy under the climate catastrophe. But it's always nice to tack some buzzword like "woke" to processes one does not understand to make them less daunting.
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    @msdsk Woke guy detected, Opinion rejected. Lmao thanks for the laugh. "Left has been warning for decades" LMAO. Always blaming the other group of what they do themselves.
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    @jackpearce This is so stupid, it has to be some red tape shit - like insurance denying covering the kitchen when used for actual cooking or other edgy legaljerking like that.

    The cost of a single employee is an order of magnitude higher than the cost of a kitchen used by all employees to make coffee and cook meals. So it likely isn't about energy costs.
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    I'm leaving soon just have to finish my degree and I am gone
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    @msdsk jassole never writes a comment for other reasons than provocation. Such a troll. No point in replying to him since the reply will be just more meaningless provocation, whether it's for comedic value or otherwise.
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    Gotta boil the water on your CPU and GPU
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    If I open my espresso spot at Yellowstone, will boil water with geysers, and then make espresso with a manual lever machine that doesn't require electricity, it still won't be climate neutral because of coffee roasting and shipping.
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    Can't last week we got the rule to not bring any food or liquids to our workstations

    now that we have a lounge we aren't allowed to eat or drink elsewhere

    Because we could damage the electronics

    yay BS is not stopping
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    On top of it all, you can’t hand in your letter of resignation because the use of paper has been forbidden in your company
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    @red-knot Same here, we have like 4-5 water dispensers (with the hot water function)

    Yet to save energy, they shut all of them off in the weekend... Monday, they all turn back on heating cold water all the way back to boiling temperature... Talking about saving energy yey ~!~

    (Not to mention that every now and then, the circuit breakers trip 🤯 wondering why that happens xD)
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    What the fuck

    What company is this?
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    @Linux small company in germany

    I won't write the name ^^'
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    @kiki no but you'll impress everyone around you if you do that
    I mean I get stunned looks when I make coffee with my V60
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    "I remember some of the staff being forced to eat champagne and salmon sandwiches so there was no evidence !"


    I love loopholes too but i don't think that I'll follow their rules
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    Funny how all this climate bullshit was pushed by big oil companies that really don't take their own words seriously.

    "It's not just us, *YOU+ are part of the problem. Become carbon neutral by 2030™, cattle."


    Climate Change™ is a scam. It was Global Warming™ before, then they realized it was getting colder so they went with Climate Change™.


    If the effects are positive, it's thanks to the people peddling the bullshit. If the changes are negative it's because YOU are not doing enough.
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    @nitnip If climate change was real, the price of houses near the coast line would be valued at a lot less. But they are the most expensive properties, which would be easily wiped out if climate change was real, and the bank values them as such.

    But people are idiot-obedient mofos. I mean they ratted on their neighbours during covid, if they even had a slight get together.

    The smart folks know its bullshit, but the sheeples gobble it up, and annoys the middle class if they fall out of line.
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    @kiki Some dude from idaho got fined for cooking his chicken in a geyser in yellowstone. Yes, idaho has "idaho man" stories too.
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    @jassole When are people going to realize what carbon neutral really means? It means most of us dead.
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    @Nanos The media always shows the side of Antarctica where the ice melts seasonally. The rest of the ice around Antarctica is growing.
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    @jackpearce Just brew your coffee in the lounge then. You already plan on not bringing yourself to that workplace in the future either. But until then, stupid rules are there to be bend. Fight for your coffee.
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    @jassole Yeah. I was scratching my head at that statement as well. Zero people I know on the Left (of any variety) think it’s a problem. But plenty of people I know at center or anywhere to the right are quite tuned into the tyranny that’s about to give them all a carbon neutral colonoscopy without so much as a courtesy reach around.
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    "You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."

    This quote started making more and more sense these last couple of years.
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    @Demolishun Those words are some of the most memorable from that movie because, deep down, they ring true. Even for people who don’t really “get it”. They’re about to “get it”. Good and hard.
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    @stackodev I wanted to puke when I woke up. There are things I wish did not exist. Sometimes that is me "knowing" that there are things I wish did not exist.
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    Climate change or not, it’s hard to deny humans are causing irreversible damage to the planet. Ecosystems are being wiped out.
    I’m into bird watching. Many of the species that could be easily sighted 40 years ago are now a rarity. Deforestation, highways, urbanization, buildings that aren’t bird friendly and especially intensive agriculture with pesticides are some of the main causes for the decline in bird populations. This is just an example of the negative consequences of human activity. It’s something you can’t deny by saying: "oh that’s what they want you to believe". I have heard first hand testimonies of this decline from people who saw a bunch of these birds when they were kids.

    All of this to say. I believe that reducing our consumption levels is a good thing. But it’s gotta be done smartly. Unilateral, extreme measures like closing the kitchen at the office are stupid. It’s just going to piss people off and turn them against the cause…
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    @Oktokolo I will secretely because he still needs to grade my thesis
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    The most climate neutral thing would have everyone work from home.

    No commute no carbon footprint.
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    @Nanos yes I have heard from local bird watchers in my area that cats are also major cause. They say: "cats are nice to have, as long as they stay indoors"
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    @Nanos Sri Lanka tried that to appease the fake virtue signalling leaders of the west and is now bankrupt. And can confidently say nobody gives a shit about it now and is memory holed.

    Not too long ago, media circus was cheerleading their policies last as 2021.
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    Truth be told, if I'm not wrong only European countries have made policies for a carbon neutral future, the rest of the world is quite silent or talks but doesn't act.
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    @red-knot Outdoor Cats are fine outside the cities. There are lots of cats around the farm and there are also lots of birds (surprisingly even in winter). Some mice and birds get eaten by the cats that actually have to hunt for themselves because their owners don't feed them to make them hunt mice. But it isn't like it really affects the bird population. And i am not that sure it affects the mice population either...
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    @msdsk its more of a horseshoe issue thats mistaken for (and misused as a slur) against the left. when actually the common use is directed at pro-crony-corporate policies masquerading as eco-mandates.

    its the same sort of protesting against a 'green' electric car that uses child slave labor to mine dirty-af rare earth minerals in some third world country, to be sent here, used for three years, and buried in a landfill somewhere only to poison the local watertable for decades.

    Too much partisan sniping these days and not recognizing the problem is a rapidly shrinking (rapidly stolen) pie, in between infighting created by distraction issues because the banks got f*cking terrified over the pseudo-third-position-esque occupy wallstreet, when the left and the right unanimously realized we were all being f*cked hard into an economic crater while billionaires build luxury bomb shelters funded on oligarchical corporate welfare practices.
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    Results are in. Since @wisecrack bumped this, I peek into this again.

    Look into any countries that had woke/green leaders in EU and equivalent in US for the last year or 2. Rampant inflation, switch back to coals, moral degration, countries have been worse off.

    And yet all they can do is deflect, blame someone else despite them being in leadership, and sheeples still buy it but slowly realizing what a shitshow it has been.

    Continental level: GoWokeGoBroke

    Predictions for future: Due to disadvantages businesses, economic worsening, layoffs, people will be inclined to hard-right politics far from moderate.

    But don't think it will improve that much.
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    @jassole the takeaway here is woke isnt left. "Woke" is pro-centralization masquerading as left.
    In the same way "right wing nazis" is overwhelming used as a slur by paid for activists, not against actual nazis but against people who by 2010s standard were pro-left moderates.

    I still remember that cop getting caught in black bloc smashing windows at one of the early blm events. Claims of randomly being shot directly in the face with pepper balls, without provocation etc

    Same thing was claimed on jan6.

    It starts with recognizing that if it can or was done to the latter, than it was almost certainly done to the former.

    Which means we have a really big problem on our hands, a bigger problem than we thought:

    Police unions engaging in what amounts to racketeering. Denial of the right to organize through color-of-law violations, on a very big organized scale, not accidental, but planned.

    Which should lead you to two questions: HOW and WHO are these events being coordinated?
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    @Wisecrack True, its both parties. But I am more critical of the woke, because their base follows blindly. I'd bet, Psyops aka propaganda dissemination were limited to foreign policy, to topple regimes. But now they are used domestically with no limits.

    Why is: I'd say multiple interest groups from industries, lobbying their preferred parties like the vaccines, Military industrial complex unhappy with previous candidate not spending more on war, dispensing, testing their weapon system. Wanting more control, surveillance apparatus to be rolled out nationally, easier to target dissidents. All done under the guise of safety (Restrict bill).

    It's too far gone, imo there's no rolling back without a total collapse.

    Now they talk about "containing", "decoupling" from China. But they are going to end up hurt themselves more. Prices chasing the same goods from a limited market segment/geographical region will rise more. Economies of scale don't develop overnight. Rampant inflation...
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    Archaeologist 1: “How did this civilization fail?”

    Archaeologist 2: “My research shows they tried to achieve what they called ‘making the weather gooder’.”

    Archaeologist 1: “Well. That was dumb.”
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    Wtf have I started here xD

    I totally forgot about this and was wondering why my Notifications are more than usual from here xD
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    @Nanos I'm flattered sir.

    I live in a shoe box apartment. I haven't the faintest why anyone would follow me. I have come to realize over time that being a leader is *severely* overrated, and being a 'follower' unnecessarily gets shit on.

    I like the military practice of commanders writing commendations for their subordinates. We need to return to the practice of recognizing people for the position they're in, and what they're skilled at, instead of this ladder climbing shit that society is running on.

    I have never been more satisfied than when I was an assistant manager and afforded the mere power to simply get out of the way of an employee of mine, so they could shine.

    The peter principle is destroying society.

    No clue why I went on this side-rant. I may be drunk. Okay, I'm lying. I'm definitely drunk.
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