I hope I can code myself like below.

me.Girlfriend = true;
me.Millionare = true;

but, the real case is

me.Girlfriend = false;
me.Millionare = false;

the sadest case is

me.Girlfriend is not defined T.T

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    hmm try
    me.HasGirlfriend = true
    me.IsMillionare = true
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    @marodok hmm true been using golang lately so I forgot.

    but other than that you could try
    me.Girlfriend = new Girlfriend();
    but you might get accused of objectifying women 😆
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    @marodok lol

    // Warning setting new Girlfriend while Wife is set can result in losing you house, vehicles, and balls. additional side effects may include paying child support, spousal support, or living under a bridge
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    Error, won't compile!

    Error, won't compile!

    Error, 'Me' cannot be bigger than 10000.
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    Actually the sadist case may be me not defined
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    @brettski that's deep bro
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    @jckimble do you mean new Girlfriend(Millionare())?

    Or would this func throw a:

    fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping Optional value?
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    @marodok plebeian language choices. :>
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    Me is not defined!
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    @orkhanfarmanli that's some nihilist shit right there.
    (Or, alternatively, sufist or monist)
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    @nicholai Absolutely! No one is asking where do we get that "me".
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