I wish that Samsung have a complete ecosystem

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    But they have the whole South Korea
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    they do, don't they?
    their own android store, own android UI, ofc own hardware
    own TV, and own smart-thinngs and their cheap AI

    it's just that they suck at making it good
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    Wdym ? They have a "decent" ecosystem in my opinion even though they don't have an OS.

    @azuredivay One UI is actually sleek, but I hate the amount of bloatware they have preinstalled.
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    @iArrow why on earth would you want that? I mean, look at Apple.
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    I meant like an OS, just like Apple
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    Also the amount of features changes with every update !!
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    Why not ? I like Samsung lol 😂
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    @iArrow Samsung is better than Apple just because they lock you up less than Apple.
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    @iArrow well they had tizen os. Even on phones.. they sold the same phone with a tizen and android version. Androids sold better so they stopped that. Until 2 years they continued tizen on samsung watches but now even they use wear os
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    @iArrow the thing is.. another os just means more work for devs and less app availibilty. Now som say that web apps are the future. But imo normal apps are way better and will be for a long time
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    Linux tho 😂
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