Where I can buy real American number?

I'm from Saudi Arabia, for some reason chatgpt is not available in my country and I cannot activate it with my Saudi number even with registering with an VPN

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    In America
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    You can't get access to it because of an embargo most likely.

    If someone gives you access to it, they will be breaking the law. If they are caught, will likely spend the next several Christmases in a cell.

    You can get access to it by moving to a country that is currently not embargoed from accessing it.
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    If talkatone is available in ur country u can use that to create a free american number and recieve sms for free. There are some alternatives aswell
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    You got me wrong
    I'm asking if there is a service I can buy from it an American number to get the sms, not asking for someone let me use their number!
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    @joewilliams007 thanks, I will
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