Installed Kali Linux alongside Arch Linux. Earlier I was using systemd boot manager. Now that I've installed Kali, grub was installed along with it. Now when I boot arch via grub it's not loading.

Some of the daemons are loading and then it stops there itself.

Please help...

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    Why not install the tools on Kali on your archs instead?
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    @Linux I want to keep my primary os different
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    Have you heard of our lord and saviour stackexchange?
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    you might want to check kernel ring buffer or xorg logs for errors.
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    @vringar got problem in answering? If you ain't got any don't even think to piss him off
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    Just solved the issue.
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    @rehman I am indeed unable to solve the problem and as such was suggesting that he should take his problem to a platform that is known to excel at solving all kinds of technical problems.

    I never had the intention to "piss him off" nor do I understand how you could read my comment this way.
    But each to their own I suppose.
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    @bugHunter You can't just say you fixed it! How did you fix it!??
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    Is this stack overflow?
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    @tisButABug I removed systemd-boot and installed grub using with the help of arch wiki
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    If u are getting kernel panic
    While boot in grub go to arch option press e (to edit)
    Change initrd line with
    Initrd /boot/intel-ucode.img /boot/initramfs-linux.img
    Then press Ctrl+x to boot
    ++ if it boots
    (Reinstall grub from arch to avoid further troubles)
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    @sak96 thanks for your input. I didn't get kernel panic though.

    I solved the issue by removing systemd-boot completely and installed grub
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