The ability to vertically align in css correctly. On my first try.
That would save me a world of headaches... 😒

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    display: flex;
    align-item: centre
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    Why are people so obsessed with this?
    I've done Web for 16 years and there were not a lot of situations where this was important, let alone crucial.
    Seriously curious.
    Web is meant to be scrolled, swiped, resized, etc, not a PDF.
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    @nbamaral I guess it doesnt apply to everyone, but when we do have to deal with this scenario, any known solution we try to implement just doesn't seem to work. Thus we end up stuck for who knows how many hours trying to solve a layout issue which should by no means be this hard.
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    @Devank supposed to work, but still doesn't always work 😥
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    Well you're right, it shouldn't.
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