I just want to pet their grown up kitties
Human and otherwise
And I want to viciously penetrate the masters with.. something

Will vary from case to case lol

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    25 points to Christmasdor
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    @melezorus34 yes I know I stabilized this comment because it's just such a genuine one !
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    @melezorus34 I really really feel this way!
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    @AvatarOfKaine are you on more drugs than usual right now?
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    @tosensei are you craving abuse?
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    @AvatarOfKaine are you implying that you are ready and willing to abuse someone, putting you clearly in the category of "them" who you so often antagonise?
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    @tosensei no I'm commenting on a pathological personality type that craves attention and conflict
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    @tosensei is that what you need little bitch someone to yell at you to make you feel less twisted inside with a momentary distracting surge of physiological excitement that moves your attention away from how shitty you feel about yourself ?
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    @tosensei ps
    That's what they tend to need

    The rest of us like something that tires out the impulse of boredom that nags at us.

    Like sex
    Or drink
    Or adventure
    Or a jog
    Or a wank
    Or a good book
    Or a new movie
    Or a walk
    Or some company
    Or music
    Or a dance
    Or a challenging conversation
    Or a debate
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    @tosensei they need daddy and mommy to fake love them or outright abuse them recreating impulses surrounding their original abuse with sexual overtones like some kind of serial killer character out of a cheap movie
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    @tosensei however I must say I can deal with people who want to worship me after getting me pissed off enough to yell
    Or hot interactions where the girl likes to feel like she's in danger and that's what gets her wet
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    @tosensei I just don't want that psycho shit in my life every moment of every day
    I like what was reality
    And I won't indulge in these things if it becomes some kind of default
    Because again
    It's like mild bdsm

    I'm your exploratory 20s or 40s with some black clad evil bitch with nice tits it's an experience
    But it's not something you want regularly
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    @tosensei especially to the psycho level of escalation people who do reach
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    @AvatarOfKaine buddy, the best thing for the world AND for you would be for any authorities to read your comments, find you and lock you up.

    your anger issues and delusions, especially in combination, should not be left untreated and unchecked.
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    @tosensei problem with that is
    They know exactly the type of people I'm describing because they're quite abundant
    Their condition is a virulent disease of the mind
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    @tosensei take my advice
    Go find some chick who's about 30 or so
    Who has a big rack
    And wants to tease a whatever you look like male into insanity and only then please him
    You'd be less of an argumentative little trifling twat 😁
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    @tosensei just don't do it often or you'll start acting just like you're acting now and learn to manage your negative impulses

    See I'm surrounded by fresh causes for anger
    Including women I know who were whores showing up twice in 10 years with a child the same age pretending to it was the same one
    Kind of things they do to drive the justice oriented mind insane
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    @ostream executive dysfunction? Inhibitory or decision making ? Which do I have oh master of cognitive psychology?

    However I do have tosensei pegged
    I also have a pretty good picture of your type
    There's a reason I'm not exceeding happy
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    @ostream btw are you reposting this or are you actually here?
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    @ostream would be amusing if you were responding later to a bot posting my responses eh ?
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    @AvatarOfKaine "However I do have tosensei pegged" you keep believing that, until the guys with the straightjackets arrive at your house.
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    @tosensei you keep proving it
    You're very neurotic
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    @tosensei and you seem to need conflict
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    @tosensei I mean I can hear the bitchy aggressive unhappy whine in the way you write

    Just like you can hear the unhappy frustrated angry trauma probably in some of my posts along with the general frustration at you people's lying bullshit
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