So today our CFO stepped into IT and angrily proclaimed someone using tech@ e-mail and fake name is defrauding company funds buying themselves... "used female lingerie with extra virgin juice" (sic!).

I work for an IPSP, we handle finance for commercial services (think PayPal but smaller). One of our clients is a big platform where girls can sell items like bath water, used socks and more. CFO demanded our admins found out who and when connected to that website, what URLs and so on.

As mentioned, said platform is pretty big, hence, from time to time we help them with their service when they ask us to, that's why we have a tech@ account. Last month there was a minor issue with one of the banks, someone fixed it and, as per usual, made a small payment of €1 topping up the account wallet to make sure everything works. It was an intern whose will to live is still strong and unencumbered with experience so she jokingly wrote "panties juice, extra virgin" in the payment note. What she *didn't know*, however, is that admins on that platform used the very same account to test new billing system they've implemented and our CFO received an invoice.

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    BTW the intern's fine. We do those payments about once a month. It was just weird we got an invoice for it.
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    I hate that platform, whoever it is. But the story is fun
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    Hilarious haha
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    I’m concerned your CTO is talking about “female lingerie”. Big user of male lingerie is he?

    At least we know he doesn’t buy it with corporate funds.
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    My fucked up ex girlfriend wanted to sell her underwear preworn to similar perverts

    Maybe I should have let her and came in them prior to shipping lol
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    @platypus To his defence, he did say so in Spanish and my translation might have been too literal. 😆
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    @AvatarOfKaine Many years ago (high school) a friend of mine had a website where he (yes, he) was selling worn women panties. The website was showing multiple photos of pretty models he commissioned but never said they were the ones actually wearing the "product". He was wearing 5 pairs of undies at a time. More if we had P.E. Made pretty good money with it. Later on I found out he was paying some of our other (male) friends to wear women's panties for him because he got some rush. 😂 His customers never complained so... You'd probably get away with it.
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    @cprn was he selling them to virgins lol women smell a specific way lol not that I sniff panties or anything but I imagine ball sweat and urine drops smells different than vaginal secretions and perfume lol
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    @AvatarOfKainee He was selling it online to all kinds of people. I'm not a connoisseur but I'd imagine smell fetish is a make belief any way. 😉 I learned that he was "outsourcing" to other guys because our principle busted him on collection day. He wasn't very discreet carrying ziplock bags and she thought it might be drugs. 😂 Ah, fond memories...
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