For the game devs out there … Is following a game developer career a good idea ? We always hear about crunch and no work life balance. Im thinking about changing my job( currently a dev at a fintech company) for a while and need some insights from you guys :)

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    You gotta get hired to work on a trashy mobile game pay-to-win. Then you will prolly get good a payment and a good work-life balance
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    I don’t think I’ve ever heard good things about game dev companies
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    Whatever you do, don't make any business with Chucklefish.
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    Fintech dev -> Game dev

    Be prepared for some serious pay cut.
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    It all depends on the company you're going to work for. I've worked in game dev first, and later switched to app/web dev. I hated the fact that you're waiting all day for unity or unreal engine to compile your shit and start to get running. Generally it seems that working with 'broken windows' are more common in game companies. I would advice to stay in fintech and develop your own games.
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    Stay in fintech, start game start up and run it with some empathy and respect for your workers.
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