So there was that paranoid schizophrenic person, a blonde girl with a buzz cut, and somehow she was a friend of mine. She used a Linux distro called “!!!!!!!!____!!!!!”, and convinced me it was the best distro out there. But the way she used it was… very specific.

She called me. She told me the new distro was out, this time it was called “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, and _this_ was the best one. It finally allowed her to observe the area around her neighbourhood right from her PC, through some app, and make pits in the ground. It was done with a touchscreen of a Nintendo DSi connected to her PC with something that looked like an IDE cable. You touch the area of the screen, and the pit will appear outside IRL. This was needed to trap swine-looking creatures in those pits, as they infested the land and were attacking people in packs, turning them into dirty, greyish, half-transparent lumps of gel.

I went to see her, and somehow I knew exactly how it's going to end, as if I decided to replay a game level. She lived in a rotten, mouldy, dark, half-abandoned condo building. She was also a terrible hoarder. I approach the old wooden door of her flat. It was painted over 1000 times and was barely closing. She knew I would come. She rushed outside, looked at me with her moon-sized eyes, grabbed my arm and told me:
“We have to run.”

I felt a sudden crippling rush of anxiety. I woke up. My heart was absolutely racing. My sight became darker and darker. The chest pain was consuming me, and I could barely move. I almost vomited.

That was quite a night.

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    Tags should be at the top
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    MFW reading this before seeing the tags.
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    @sariel LMAO same.

    OP, I asked GPT to point out the summary and key highlights in your story for fun.

    "The key takeaway from this story is that paranoia and anxiety can be overwhelming and can have a major impact on our lives. It also highlights the power of imagination and how our thoughts can manifest into reality. The protagonist experienced a dream-like state in which their friend was using a Linux distro to trap creatures in the area around her neighbourhood, highlighting the power of the mind."

    Does that check out?!
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    @virtualdev That’s a great idea. Next time when I’ll have a weird dream, I’ll ask ChatGPT about it, too!
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    @lorentz that would ruin the whole post. I'm glad I didn't read them before I opened the post.
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    Yep, that could be what some schizophrenic person might experience - without the wakeup of course...
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    I knew this can't be real right after "...convinced me it was the best distro out thre...". Only the dreams have that. You are so easally convinced to bealive anything in a dream. That's why I'm trying to become a lucid dreamer, if not for anything else I can laugh my self out when I hear my dream charecters convincing me in all sort of interesting things. That said the story plot was trilling and pretty well written. As if I was there. @kiki I think you can become an excelent writter if you wish =]
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    Cool story. More!
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